2017 Chrysler Pacifica Challenges the Notion of Cool for Minivans


The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica has been one of the hottest new vehicles on the market.  Considering that vehicle is a minivan is saying a lot.  The biggest initial hurdle for the Pacifica seems to be one of the hardest and that is trying to make the minivan cool again.  The minivan has long been considered as one of the most boring segments on the market, so can the Pacifica challenge that notion?

Autoweek took the Pacifica for a review drive and seem to have issues with questioning the idea of whether a minivan can be cool.  It is the one note they put in their con list.  “Minivans still aren’t cool.”  That’s it.  What about in the Pro column?  “More space, comfort and driving fun than you’d ever believe in a minivan.”  Guess none of that matter in rating coolness factor.

Thankfully another write steps in to put in the counter-point to that observation on the Pacifica.  He remarks on the how delightful it is to drive, how quiet and smooth the drive is.  That the Stow ‘n Go system unique to the Pacifica makes it so easy to switch from “school bus to cargo van (or any combination between) in 60 seconds flat, and looks good doing it…”

It’s hard not to think that the idea of a minivan being cool would work if people accepted that if the Pacifica has all the notions of being cool, then it is.  It’s so much relaying on the age-old idea that a minivan can never be cool even if it marks off all the correct criteria.  Maybe it just needs a Hellcat engine for everyone to finally be convinced.

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