2016 Chrysler Pacifica Reinvigorates the Minivan


When you read about universal praise for a car, you expect something like a Challenger Hellcat.  It makes sense when you think about it.  The hot new car with such a powerful engine.  What wouldn’t there be to love?  It’s not often that such praise is heaped onto a minivan, the “uncool” car.  The all-new Chrysler Pacifica is definitely causing a stir in what it is doing to revitalize the minivan market with new looks, new features, and high-quality.

The Auto Channel put out their review of the Pacifica and it’s clear they found a new favorite.  The Pacifica that the reviewer drove around was the Limited model with some added features.

The highlights of the Pacifica are how it makes driving, and riding, comfortable.  The leather trimmed seats, heated seats, and Uconnect system help keep everyone comfortable for longer trips.  The hands-free power sliding doors and liftgate are a god-send to the busy parent.  The numerous safety features, such as the 360-degree surround view camera, help provide peace of mind.

It’s consistently easy to see why the Pacifica is being so well received by those that give it a chance.  The numerous features make it a safe and comfortable ride and demonstrate why the minivan is a beneficial segment to have.  It might not be cool like a muscle car, but its practical and useful, what a minivan should truly be.

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Meet the New King of Minivans, the Chrysler Pacifica


One of the ways that reviewers have described the Pacifica so far is that it makes the minivan cool again.  While this may appear to be blasphemous since the minivan is seen as the refugee of the family man who won’t be able to drive the “cool car” again, the Pacifica is seeming to change that idea.  A new review from the Chicago Tribune certainly helps to illustrate how the Pacifica is the king of the mountain of minivans.

The review notes that the Pacifica is replacing the Town and Country in a push by Chrysler to revitalize the minivan market.  The Pacifica name adds a layer of cool to the whole minivan thing.  That is also added by the distinct visual cues the Pacifica uses, having itself look like a blend of a crossover and a minivan.

The reviewer took the Pacifica for a 1,000-mile drive in the Colorado Rockies and passed on the experience with his family in tow, he came out quite impressed.

“The difference is that the minivan has never been this good.”

Check out the review to see the highlights of his trip as well as just why he enjoyed driving it so much.

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2015 Chrysler 300: Best It Has Ever Been

2015 Chrysler 300 - Charlotte Post Review - ChryslerDealerNY

On the outside, the new 2015 Chrysler 300 hasn’t changed much.  It retains much of its visual styling from the previous years with little touches and nods here and there.  That doesn’t mean that the 2015 is just a place-holder until the 300 gets into the business of an update.  This model year may actually be the best it has ever been, according to Winfred B. Cross for the Charlotte Post.

His especially enjoys the new interior updates, something that the 300 has been lacking according to him.  The look is more luxurious and is aided by the touch screen in the center of the dash.  One of the nicest additions he likes is the gear selector which is comparable to BMW and Jaguar.

The 300 that he was given to test was the 300 Limited with a pricing of $33,385.  He was able to enjoy the V6 engine which gave him plenty of speed in his acceleration.  Of note, he says the ride is smooth without being too bouncy and is a very comfortable car to have to commute in.

Read Cross’ full review in the Charlotte Post here.

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