Is There a Chrysler 300 SRT Hellcat in the Works?

At this point the question really should be which cars is Fiat-Chrysler not trying to put the Hellcat engine in? 

Recent spy photos have come to light showing a possible Chrysler 300 SRT.  The photos showcase a 300 that features similar tires that were on the early Demon prototypes and seem to show a Chrysler 300 that is being made to handle quite some power. Does this mean that the 300 is the next vehicle to get a Hellcat engine? 

It’s doubtful that the 300 is being groomed for such a future.  As Autoblog notes, the 300 SRT was discontinued in the United States in 2015.  However, it is still being sold in the Middle East and in Australia.  That could mean that Chrysler is gearing up an international treat to get more 300 SRTs selling in other regions of the world. 

Autoblog continues that Dodge is not a brand on sale in Australia.  That could make a Hellcat 300 an option for the Aussies.  No clue on if this is something that would stand even a remote chance in the US, but I’m sure importers that would want to get their hands on it would find a way.  Until then, maybe the 300 is getting a Hellcat engine.

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2015 Chrysler 300 is Perfect for Summer Road Trips

2015 Chrysler 300 is Perfect for Summer Road Trips

Summer is here and one of the greatest things about that time is that for many it marks the time when many are getting ready to head out on vacation.  In anticipation of that, Kelly Blue Book put together a list of the ‘Road Trip Cars of 2015.’

Number 5 on the list happened to be the 2015 Chrysler 300.  Their reasoning for putting a four door sedan on this is that it gets the road tripping done in a way that is “…in a distinctly American way.”  The highlight that KBB focuses on is the V8 engine.  With the power and the torque that it provides, it makes driving on any highway a breeze.  On a closing note, the benefit of it looking like a cop car could come in handy when dealing with traffic.

What KBB doesn’t go into is the comfort.  The 2015 Chrysler 300 is listed on Ward’s 10 Best Interiors.  The seating is made of quality craftsmanship and leather-trim is standard on all models.  Other features that help any road tripper are blind spot monitoring and rear cross path detection.

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2015 Chrysler 300: Best It Has Ever Been

2015 Chrysler 300 - Charlotte Post Review - ChryslerDealerNY

On the outside, the new 2015 Chrysler 300 hasn’t changed much.  It retains much of its visual styling from the previous years with little touches and nods here and there.  That doesn’t mean that the 2015 is just a place-holder until the 300 gets into the business of an update.  This model year may actually be the best it has ever been, according to Winfred B. Cross for the Charlotte Post.

His especially enjoys the new interior updates, something that the 300 has been lacking according to him.  The look is more luxurious and is aided by the touch screen in the center of the dash.  One of the nicest additions he likes is the gear selector which is comparable to BMW and Jaguar.

The 300 that he was given to test was the 300 Limited with a pricing of $33,385.  He was able to enjoy the V6 engine which gave him plenty of speed in his acceleration.  Of note, he says the ride is smooth without being too bouncy and is a very comfortable car to have to commute in.

Read Cross’ full review in the Charlotte Post here.

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