Chrysler Wheels & Beats Package Upgrades 2014 Chrysler 300


The Chrysler 300 has always been a notable vehicle for its sophistication.  It advertises itself as the affordable luxury sedan.  When Chrysler has teamed up with any partners to bring a new twist to the 300, it has always been an interesting choice.  An example is the John Varvatos edition of the 300.  Chrysler has introduced another unique team-up to their list.

The Chrysler 300 Wheels & Beats Package is the off-spring of Chrysler and Beats joining together to bring a new luxury to their sedan.  The package will be available for the 2014 Chrysler 300.  As the name references, the Wheels & Beats Package aims at integrating the BeatsAudio sound system into the 300.  Along with that new sound system, the package also has a new set of 18-inch chrome wheels.

The BeatsAudio sound system features 10 high-end speakers, a powerful subwoofer, and a 552-watt amplifier.  All of this combines to bring a one-of-a-kind audio experience to the Chrysler 300.

The 18-inch chrome wheels are meant to bring a whole new level of style to the 300.  They look fantastic but do provide improvements on the handling as well.

The Wheels & Beats Package is available to drivers for $825.  If you’re interested in getting the package, contact us at Bayside Chrysler Jeep Dodge for the full details.  Be sure to also like us on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter to see our monthly offers and

Chrysler and Batman Make for the Ultimate Team-Up

The Imported from Detroit commercial series is one that we’ve followed very closely here. We’re also very big fans of the advertising that they have put out. The Clint Eastwood commercial during the Super Bowl was the star of the night. Personally, I’m also a huge fan of the Christopher Nolan Batman films. The Dark Knight was easily one of my favorite movies in a long time. Chrysler must’ve decided to branch out to include all my joy into one thing as they have found a way to put both the Batman and Imported from Detroit together.

Imported from Gotham City introduces a new onslaught of building up hype for the new Dark Knight Rises movie coming out this summer. Part of the advertising will include a contest in which contestants try to create an original TV spot including both the Dark Knight and the Chrysler Brand with the help of an assortment of assets that includes Chrysler 300 car footage and Batman footage from the official trailer. The winner will be chosen by the man himself, Christopher Nolan on July 20th which will then appear on television. The winner will also be given an all-expenses paid trip to Hollywood to finish the spot with a professional editor. Afterward, they’ll be flown out to NYC for the red carpet treatment at a premiere screening of The Dark Knight Rises on July 16th.

Chrysler will also be airing their own ad for the team-up. The new commercial will feature the 300 sedan and will be aired starting June 19th. “The 2012 Chrysler 300 featured in this marketing and advertising campaign was created intentionally to look as if it could be driven on the streets and fit in to the nightlife of Gotham City; it’s clearly a vehicle that stands out and makes one take notice,” said Saad Chehab, Chrysler Brand CEO.

To see the full line up that Chrysler has available (no, they don’t have the Bat-mobile available) visit Bayside online. More details on the contest are right here. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all the latest news that comes out of Chrysler and to see if the Joker has broken out of Arkham.

Chrysler 200 Sedan & Convertible


The 2012 Chrysler Sedan 200 and the Chrysler 200 Convertible come with an elegant design that gives a very unique and distinct style to set it apart from the pack.  On the outside, it’s easy to see the detail that went into the sedan’s design with the signature grille and the dual bright exhaust tips.  It also includes fantastic features such as as chrome mirrors, automatic headlamps, and a jeweled LED tail-lamps.  It’s sure to please any driver looking to make an impression on the road, from the streets of Manhattan to a trip to the Jersey Shore, at a great price.

With the Chrysler 200 Convertible, you’ll find two different tops in the form of the the new painted steel retractable hardtop or the classic power cloth soft top.  It comes with a hard tonneau cover to help protect your convertible top and even hides the top once it’s been lowered.  It’s a completely seamless look once the top goes down.
The same exceptional craftsman ship on display on the outside of the car continues for the interior.  The Chrysler 200 has a completely new inside with luxury fabrics and has soft ambient lighting.  It also has such amazing comforts like leather trimmed seats and a leather wrapped steering wheel that comes complete with audio control to help keep you focused on the drive.  There’s also the LED ambient lighting to help with any late night cruises.  If this didn’t make it clear that the sedan was built with the driver’s comfort in mind, then the focus on lowering the car’s sound with better insulating and upgrades to give drivers and their passengers a smooth and quiet ride on the way to Great Adventure or Atlantic City for the weekend.

Under the hood, both the 200 Sedan and 200 Convertible have a 2.4 liter engine powering it along to 173 horsepower at 6000 RPM.  Both feature a robust 16.9 gallon fuel tank and the 200 Sedan can get up to 21 miles per gallon while in the city and 30 mpg once it’s taken out onto the highway.  When driving the 200 Convertible, that changes to 18 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on the highway.  This rates it as best in its class which isn’t too bad considering that it’s also the lowest entry price for it’s class as well.
The 200 Sedan and Convertible both come with an improved suspension system that gives an overall smooth and responsive ride to the driver.  This is all thanks to the MacPhearson strut front suspension and electronic stability control that is an all speed traction control standard on every model.  The electronic stability control has sensors that monitor the input of the steering and the vehicles motions.  It can tell when there’s a change in your intended path and the vehicles actual movement.  It then applies selective braking along with throttle control and guides the vehicle back onto the intended path

Safety will never be a concern while driving in the 200 Sedan and Convertible.  It was awarded the 2011 IIHS Top Safety Pick.  Also included are front seat multistage airbags and supplemental side airbags and side curtain airbags.  Along with All-Speed Traction control that engages whenever a wheel is beginning to slip and Four Wheel Anti-lock Brakes, it’s not too hard to see why it was given such an honor.

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