Is the Chrysler Pacifica Increasing Minivan Sales?


When you think of the word ‘Minivan’ one of the most cliché response is lame.  It is the car of the parent; one that is safe.  It’s boring for the younger generation who want something with power and looks.  While the recent years have been kind to the minivan, they haven’t been able to shake the notion that the class is lame in general.  Is the Chrysler Pacifica finally starting to turn that idea around?

A new article on Time credits the Pacifica with starting a “minivan renaissance.”  The downfall of the minivan really started when the SUV took the place of it as the default family vehicle.  Gas prices falling also helped spur the SUV to the dominant place it is at today.  The trend, however, seems to be decreasing as the minivan is picking up steam at the sales.

The minivan is growing at a pace faster than almost any other class.  Sales are up 21% in 2016.  SUVs on the other hand are seeing a decrease in sales.  Why is this happening?  The Chrysler Pacifica is one of the most notable minivans today.  With the marketing establishing the Pacifica as the cool van for younger families, it might be making the impact to help the segment.

What do you think?  Do you think that the Chrysler Pacifica is what the minivan segment needs to gain a positive sales trend for the industry?

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