Is the Chrysler Pacifica Increasing Minivan Sales?


When you think of the word ‘Minivan’ one of the most cliché response is lame.  It is the car of the parent; one that is safe.  It’s boring for the younger generation who want something with power and looks.  While the recent years have been kind to the minivan, they haven’t been able to shake the notion that the class is lame in general.  Is the Chrysler Pacifica finally starting to turn that idea around?

A new article on Time credits the Pacifica with starting a “minivan renaissance.”  The downfall of the minivan really started when the SUV took the place of it as the default family vehicle.  Gas prices falling also helped spur the SUV to the dominant place it is at today.  The trend, however, seems to be decreasing as the minivan is picking up steam at the sales.

The minivan is growing at a pace faster than almost any other class.  Sales are up 21% in 2016.  SUVs on the other hand are seeing a decrease in sales.  Why is this happening?  The Chrysler Pacifica is one of the most notable minivans today.  With the marketing establishing the Pacifica as the cool van for younger families, it might be making the impact to help the segment.

What do you think?  Do you think that the Chrysler Pacifica is what the minivan segment needs to gain a positive sales trend for the industry?

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Chrysler Minivans Celebrate 30 Years on the Road


Happy belated birthday to the Chrysler minivan.

On November 2nd, 1983, the chariot of the traveling family was born. Chrysler at this point (in a weird way of history repeating itself) was teetering on dire financial straits. They took a gamble and saw an unrealized market.

As Gizmodo points out, that market was the family. In the late 70’s and early 80’s, there really wasn’t any vehicles that were great for big families to travel in. Recent oil crises have dealt a heavy blow to the gas hog station wagons and sedans. And full sized-vans were more designed to be more similar to trucks and not like a normal car.

“What was missing from the market was a family vehicle that drove like a car, got good fuel economy, and had room enough for a family. Chrysler’s minivan was the first vehicle designed from the ground up to fit that need, and it was a revelation.”

The article continues to point out that the minivans that Chrysler produced, the Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Caravan, have continued to see their initial contributions in use today. While the visual designed has changed drastically from the 80’s, the core features are still there.

An interesting fact of note is how hard the competitors tried to get a grasp of Chrysler’s new-found success. Even in 2008, with Chrysler back on the verge of collapse, the auto company still had 41 percent of the minivan market.

What impacted the minivan the most was the introduction of the SUV class in the 90’s. As writer Robert Sorokanich points out, however, is that the SUV is still entirely similar in design and purpose to the minivan, even if it took some time for the cars to come around. The SUV’s were given more favor thanks to cheaper gas prices in the 90’s and the more rugged and less “manly” feel of the minivan. Yet, as the years have gone on, it’s clear to see that the SUV is simply the newest evolution of what Chrysler stated with the first Town & Country.

Happy 30 years Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. Thanks for all the memories of going to visit relatives while in the back seat.

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Chrysler Sales Best Since 2007

ID-1001273262012 turned out to be a stellar year for Chrysler. They managed to cap off a strong year with sales going up 21 percent for the year as a whole. That makes it the strongest year they’ve had since 2007.

Chrysler beat out the rest of the US auto industry in terms of increases made. It’s clear from the upward sales trend that consumers were out in force the previous year to replace their old vehicles. December alone was 10 percent higher. The Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ram trucks, and Chrysler 300 were the stars of the success. Chrysler also made not that last month’s sales were the strongest month of the entire year.

There are many reasons for such a turn around in sales. One is that unemployment has been steadily decreasing over the year. Another is that the average age of a car is around 11 years. Thanks to banks making it easier to get a low interest rate on their loan, people have been finding it cheaper to just purchase a new vehicle rather than repair an older one.

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