Update on Chrysler’s Response to the Wired Hack

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The story that Wired ran about the Jeep hack has been one of the most talked about car stories of the year.  It is easy to see why; the whole thing seems pulled from a sci-fi action movie.  Since the news broke, Chrysler has been providing information to drivers about what they can do to update their vehicle to stop the method that Wired used.

Today they put out a press statement with more details on their next step.

Actions speak louder than words.

When we first learned of the ability for others to hack into some of our 8.4-inch touchscreen systems, we developed, tested and implemented a software patch. Owners had the option to see if their vehicle was affected and if so, they could install the update.

Since then, we’ve taken more steps to ensure the confidence and security of our customers.

This recall applies to vehicles with the 8.4-inch touchscreen featured in the original article.  The previous method that Chrysler put out, for drivers to update the software themselves, is still available.  Chrysler will now be providing drivers with a USB drive in the mail with the update preloaded on to it so they can install it.  Another method is for drivers to contact their local CDJR dealer and speak with the service team to get the patch.

On their statement, FCA includes a list of the vehicles that may have their 8.4-inch touchscreen affected.  If you’re worried this may affect you, please check to see if your vehicle is on the list.

One thing that FCA wants to make clear is that this is not something that an average hacker sitting at their computer could do to a random passerby.  The hack that occurred on the Wired writer’s Jeep was very different than a real-world hack.

As was noted in the initial story, the ability to hack a vehicle is not easy. It took the two security researchers, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek, months to tap into and control certain systems of Miller’s SUV. They are experts.

The software update addressed by the recall, after the security steps we took July 23, would require unique and extensive technical knowledge, prolonged physical access to a subject vehicle and extended periods of time to write the appropriate code.

There is no defect in the affected 8.4-inch touchscreen system. We have taken these additional steps to demonstrate that the security of our customers is truly a priority.


If you need to speak with our service department about updating your software on any of the listed vehicles, please contact us at 718-229-8700 and ask to speak with the service department.  Make sure you like us on Facebook and Google+ and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on auto news.

Chrysler Has Best June Sales Since 2006!

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June was an exceptional month for Chrysler.  As has been consistent, the month showed that Chrysler has been growing strength with each passing month and this previous month is no difference.

The month as a whole was the best June that FCA has had since 2006.  The company experiences a 8% sales growth from the previous month with 185,035 vehicles going out the door in the whole month.  Here is the break down on which vehicles helped the automaker maintain a positive sales increase and get that best June sales ever.

Jeep has always been the strongest part of the whole FCA family.  In June, the Jeep brand had their best June ever.  They sold 71,529 vehicles as an increase of 25% from the previous month.  The all-new Jeep Renegade maintained solid sales with 4,858 sold.

Other winners of the month include the Dodge Journey which had its best month ever.  The Ram ProMaster is continuing to find its way into drivers and fleets.  Overall, it was a month that showed there is still plenty of interest growing in Ram’s trucks and the minivan.

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Chrysler Enjoys One of its Best Mays Ever

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May was another good month for Chrysler.  Sales were up, a 4 percent increase from May of last year.  In fact, May 2015 was the company’s best May sales since 2005.

The strong leader amongst the various brands is till Jeep.  Jeep has been helping Chrysler maintain the sales streak it has been enjoying for now 62 months of year-over-year sales gains.  The brand had a sales increase of 13 percent with May being the best monthly sales ever for Jeep.  The Cherokee and the Wrangler had their best sales months ever and the other winner was the Patriot with it also having the best sales in May.  New for Jeep this month was the Renegade which had its sales increase 5 percent from April.

The other brands faired very well also.  Chrysler was up 32 percent with the new 2015 Chrysler 200 increasing 537 percent from last year.  If there was any proof that people were excited for a new take on the 200, there is some proof right there.  It had the largest year-over-year percentage gain of any FCA US vehicle.  That new model sure did some good in generating sales and excitement with consumers.

Ram truck sales continue to climb.  The ProMaster had its sales increase 12 percent as the whole of Ram trucks increased 8 percent in May.  Like the others, May was the best sales for Ram pickups in 11 years.

And finally Dodge, not to be left out, also had an amazing May.  With a sales increase of 29 percent, this was the brand’s best monthly sales ever.  The winners were the Dodge Dart and the Durango which had an increase of their sales.  The Durango had its best May sales since 2005.

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