Anderson Cooper & Chrysler Award Family the 2012 Chrysler Town & Country

One family will be getting a great surprise on February 21st.  Next Tuesday the Ewing family from Canton, Mich will be getting their own 2012 Chrysler Town & Country.  This will all go down on Anderson Cooper’s show ‘Anderson.’  The family was given the vehicle last December during Anderson’s show for a holiday segment he ran called “Anderson, I Need Your Help for the Holidays!”

The Ewing family was one of the struggling families that were selected.  The Ewings have been forced to endure many terrible things including job loss, a son who survived cancer, and have a lack of reliable transportation to support the family of six.

Chrysler is always focused on giving back.  With their sales finally taking a turn for the better, they are certainly seeing on how to help those who need it.  It’s great for them as well to be able to provide a family that’s endured some terrible things in life.  It’s a great thing to see a happy ending like this.

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