Chrysler Faces Criticism Over New 2014 Jeep Cherokee Design

2014jeepcherokee-2The biggest news in the auto world of late is the early release of the new look of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. Jalopnik provided the initial leak. What many fans saw was unexpected; a vast departure from the norm. A wave of negative criticism followed and many lashed out instantly at what they viewed as a step too far in the wrong direction. It was different and too different for comfort.

Jalopnik covered the breakdown of how Chrysler handled the affair. It appears that they were getting pretty prepared for the lash-back against the new design. On the Chrysler Communications’ Facebook page was a message to not judge a book by its cover. It urged people to remember that what makes a Jeep isn’t on the outside  but what’s inside that matters most. Even though I agree, it’s hard not to see that as some cheesy line straight from a kids film.

The negative feedback was prevalent and got negative. “Ugly” was the word used the most to describe how the audience was feeling. Chrysler went to Twitter to repeat the message, urging all to give the new look a chance.

Even Ralph Gilles, the main-man over at SRT, was on Twitter responding to the critics. He cited the new design as a paradigm shift. A quick look shows how right he is about that.

Jalopnik concludes with a defense of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee. While not the biggest fans of some aspects, mainly the headlights, they make note of how the vitals are still there in the iconic seven-bar grille. There’s something to be said for something revolutionary different rather than keeping with the safe and predictable. In the least, it’ll get people talking and make people who wouldn’t have otherwise notice.

It’s amazing how much has been said of just a few choice shots of the new exterior. Not one mention of any details beyond that and it’s still caused an avalanche of excitement and vitriol. While Chrysler might not be too happy hearing from the nastiest of critics, it does prove the point of there being no such thing as bad press. It’s the talk of the auto world and the specs haven’t even been revealed yet.

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