Chrysler’s Tipton Plant Finally Up and Running


Seven years is a long time to wait for anything. If that wait is for a plant that Chrysler built to swing into full action, the time would be unbearable. Yet, patience and perseverance has paid off as a plant that Chrysler constructed is now up and running and helping the people of Tipton get back to work.

The plant in question has been under construction for seven years. To the frustration of the people in the area and Chrysler, the plant has been through two false starts. This is because of a deal falling apart between Chrysler and German part maker Getrag that would’ve gotten the plant up and running earlier. However, the bankruptcy of both companies back in 2009 squashed the plant from opening.

That’s all in the past now. Chrysler is pack up and running and has been investing more money into the Tipton plant to get it ready for production on transmissions. Two hundred people had already been working in the plant and with the changes being made, 850 more will be working before the end of the year. is reporting that the slew of new workers into the Tipton plant is having more effects on the community. Local businesses have reported a spiked increase in customers as their breakfast rushes have picked up to accommodate the workers on their way into the plant.

Chrysler has been working hard to get their plants up and running at full capacity. The benefits of this employment extends to not just the corporation but also the communities that once depended on these plants for their economy. Good to see another plant up and running thanks to the demand of the consumer being met by the company.

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Chrysler Making First Ever “Small SUV”

Chrysler Logo on Chrysler 300

Chrysler has been making headlines of late thanks to the company filing for an IPO. It’s all boring and complicated speak that is good in a conference room full of people who speak of such things on a daily basis, but to people interested in the cars, it’s a foreign language. Thankfully though, some people are being able to scour through the wording of the IPO filing and discovered some hidden gems buried in the avalanche of lengthy words.

USA Today was one such scavenger that found a little tid-bit in the filing. Chrysler just let it be known that they are working on a first ever small SUV. This new vehicle will be based on the same platform that the Dodge Dart is using. That’s pretty much where the information ends, Chrysler didn’t have anything else to say about the matter.

In the same filing, the rumor that Chrysler is downsizing its redundant platforms seems to be true. In 2010 the auto company had 11 platforms and will be reducing that number to nine before the end of next year.

The filing also shows how well Chrysler has recovered since the infamous bankruptcy. In 2009, when the company was going through reorganization, Chrysler reported that 70% of their dealers were profitable. This year, that number increased to 88%.

The future is bright for Chrysler as it looks to increasing its presence in the North American auto business and world-wide. They are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the Chrysler name could very well be the top dog of automakers in the years to come.

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