Chrysler 300 Motown Edition Aims to Bring Motown Fans into Dealerships

Cars are one of the most frequently advertised objects in entertainment.  Got a new racing game coming out?  How about a movie with a spectacular chase sequence?  Want the main character of a new TV show to look cool behind the wheel of a beautiful car?  All fairly wide-known reasons for a licensed vehicle to appear in various forms of media.  What is rare is using a car to help promote a new musical.

Staying true to the message of ‘imported from Detroit,’ Chrysler has helped bring Motown: The Musical to Broadway.  The show has opened to some dazzling reviews.  Variety says “This jubilant jukebox musical comes loaded with great singers, tons of energy, and dozens of classic Motown roof-raisers.”

2013 Chrysler 300 MotownChrysler also had a “Motown Edition” of the Chrysler 300 in honor of the musical.  It’s a fantastic fusion.  A classy sedan that does a great job calling back to music that defined the Motor City.  Both sell the image of being imported from Detroit, the popular slogan that Chrysler lives by.

The Wall Street Journal asks if this will be effect marketing.  They worry that while the older generation will appreciate a musical, and in turn a vehicle, that remembers the oldies, but what about new car buyers?  What about the generation raised on Grunge and New Wave?

There’s really no easy answer to that one.  One of the biggest trends at the moment is nostalgia.  It wouldn’t surprise me to see a good portion of possible buyers be interested in products that celebrate that era.  The industry will have to wait and see if this experiment pays off for Chrysler.

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