Chrysler’s ‘Farmer’ Ad is a Hit!

UntitledChrysler scored another win this year at the Superbowl with their Jeep ad. With the voice of Oprah underscoring Jeep’s appreciate for our men and women in arms fighting for us over there, it won over the same crowd that loved the previous ads with Clint Eastwood and Eminem. It seems like they wanted to really go all out since that wasn’t the only Chrysler ad that played during the big game. While it’s the one everyone is talking about the most, the Ram ‘Farmer’ ad is still one hot on everyone’s lips.

The question that many people were asking the days following the commercial were where did the idea come from? Greg Mitchell of The Nation found another video on YouTube that is similar to the Ram Ad. It was uploaded in June of 2011 and features the same speech from Paul Harvey. The biggest difference is that Ram went out and got their own footage and images of farming for their commercial.

So, is it a cut-and-dry scandal of ripping off a YouTube video? Appears that it’s not really the case. A message on the page for the video says “ is pleased to be working with Ram Trucks and support the ‘Farmer’ Super Bowl commercial.” Plus when you watch their video, there is also a link to the Ram version.

Seems like Chrysler just saw an ad they enjoyed and wanted to expand it to put it on a national stage. There doesn’t appear to be anything scandalous going on, especially when the group responsible for the original ad highlights their cooperation.

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