2017 Chrysler Town and Country Spied Photos Leaked

2017 Town and Country Leaked Photo - ChryslerDealerNY

Auto Evolution


Spy photos of the new 2017 Chrysler Town & Country have been leaked by various auto blogs.

The photos show the new Town & Country hidden behind an all-black garb.  While the details of the look and exterior changes is hard to make out due to the camouflage, one thing that Chrysler couldn’t hide was the overall look.  It seems to have done away with the boxy look associated with minivans and is looking more and more like what many of the new Chrysler vehicles look like under Fiat’s rule.  It looks like a lot of the smooth and curvy lines similar to those in the new 2015 Chrysler 200.

Auto Evolution has more photos than just the outside.  They managed to get a peek inside the windows to survey the interior design.  What is there isn’t surprising.  The new Town & Country will be taking much of what works from the rest of the Chrysler family.  This includes a digital instrument panel.  As Auto Evolution notes, however, this may just be a prototype and is most likely going to change before the 2017 model hits showfloors.

Not much else is known about what Chrysler has in store for its new minivan.  It will represent a new era of the company as it seeks to do away with vehicles that overlap one another.  For that reason, many of the minivan-esque models that are in the whole of the Chrysler umbrella will be phased out and the Town & Country will be the remaining minivan in the whole of the line-up.  It only stands to reason that all of the best ideas will be put to use somewhere and somehow in the 2017 Town & Country.

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2015 Chrysler 200: New Era for Chrysler


The all-new 2015 Chrysler 200 is popular with fans and critics alike.  It is being produced in a way to let other companies know that Chrysler is back in business and wants to begin making major splashes in the auto world.  To do this, however, sacrifices are being made.  Chrysler’s new five-year plan is calling for a new evaluation of the many brands.  While it was announced before the plan, the new 200 is taking the place of the well-known Dodge Avenger in the mid-sized sedan market.  Is this going to help or hurt Chrysler?

Mlive.com spoke with Al Gardner about the 2015 Chrysler 200.  He is the CEO and President of the brand and had a major hand in the creation of the new 200.  He is very confident that the loss of the Avenger will only help the new 200 grow in popularity and sales.  “We’ve got pretty high expectations.  As Avenger and 200 go away, the old ones, this thing is going to sell in this huge segment.”

From the perspective of Gardner, the 2015 200 represents a new era for Chrysler.  The campaign for this re-launch began before 200, however.  It started in January with the tagline being introduced for Chrysler, “America’s Import” which was reiterated by Bob Dylan in a Super Bowl commercial.

The 200 itself has relied on being a part of the same marketing campaign.  The commercial is centered on the story of creation from a nation of builders, highlighting that each and all of us have the capability to be a part of the next great innovation of invention.

The entire article about the history and what is to come from Chrysler as they look to future is fascinating.  The 2015 Chrysler 200 is the beginning of something big.  Chrysler is poised to become something bigger than it ever was.

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2015 Chrysler 200 Created by Born Makers

Born Makers Screen Cap

Seeing a new Chrysler Ad is always a pleasure.  The effort and the thought put into them are typically top-notch.  The latest, in a push for the new 2015 Chrysler 200, is no exception.

The new commercial is titled “Born Makers.”  The focus of the ad is on the creative process in all of us.  Highlighting people thinking and creating from toys to space-age engineering, the ad playfully comments on how a car, such as the 200, is an assortment of the people who worked on it.

The idea of hard-workers is an image that Chrysler loves to make.  That and images of American cities rushing by.  The new ad is in a similar vein to that of the “Made in Detroit” series that made Chrysler advertising so popular.  Take a look at the ad for yourself and see why the marketing for Chrysler continues to shine.

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