Chrysler’s September Sales Stay Strong

With the election right around the corner, the economy is one of the most important talking points at the moment. One in particular has been heavily scrutinized by the President’s opponents, and that is the bailout he gave to the auto industry. Since then, however, it’s been very hard to argue with the results. The US auto industry has bounced back in a force unseen for a long time. Month after month has seen auto sales grow and September is turning out to be no different. The trend continues for Chrysler and their products.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Chrysler is enjoying very strong increases from the previous year. In fact, it’s the best September they’ve had as a company since 2007. It’s also the 30th straight month of exceeding last-years sales. The increase came out to around an 11.5 percent increase. The vehicles sold totaled around 142,000 with the new 2013 Dodge Dart having an increase of 18 percent.

Reid Bigland, President and CEO of Dodge, said about the sales figures in September, “Going forward with our current product lineup, record low interest rates, and a stable US economy, we remain optimistic about the health of the US new-vehicle sales industry and our position in it.”

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Chrysler Brings New Jobs to Detroit

Detroit has been making its come-back, slowly but surely. Evidence to this is in the happenings in the auto industry, having their best year in a long time. It wasn’t too long ago that the sales that have been happening would’ve been more fantasy than reality. Chrysler in particular has been making sure that as the sales continue to come back to the company, so are the employees. Numerous plants across the nation are seeing new workers and additional shifts to keep up with the new demand being placed on them. From making more of award-winning Jeeps to the production of the hottest new sedan, the 2013 Dodge Dart. Chrysler isn’t done there, they just welcome a new batch of employees into their house.

ABC 12 is reporting that Chrysler has opened up their new Chrysler Group LLC Great Lakes Business Center building and is bringing in the staffing. They leased about 33,000 square feet of space on the top two floors of the 23 story former Dime Building. The signs have already put been into place on the outside of the building and the floors have been completely refurbished to accommodate the new staff. The space will house 70 employees from the Business Center.

“We’re proud to contribute to the continuing transformation of the Motor City,” said Reid Bigland, President and CEO of Dodge Brand and Head of US Sales, Chrysler Group. “I am thrilled that one of my teams will be embedded in the city that means so much to our company. Detroit is the home of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, SRT Viper, and a very critical part of Chrysler’s team.”

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Chrysler Continues to Rack up the Wins

Chrysler has been getting lots of love of late. That’s not just from the public who has been helping the auto-maker enjoy some of the best sales in a long time. There’s also the people handing out awards for the vehicles. In just this past week, Chrysler might be needing to build a whole new trophy shelf to keep track of everything that’s been rolling in.

To start with, Automotive News has given the Chrysler 300 an 83 in the Consumer Reports Large Sedan Ratings. That’s second place and still bests all the domestic competition. Automotive News praised the 2011 redesign of the 300 and even more for the additional V8-powered 300C that gives more power to consumers. All these traits help the 300 “score near the top of its category,” says David Champion, the Sr Director of Consumer Reports Automotive Test Center.

The next big win for the company is that Strategic Vision has put out their Total Quality Index study. On the report, Chrysler Group tied for second place. The company ended up scoring at the top of the charts for the Dodge, Jeep, and FIAT brands. Chrysler ended up with 870 for a score where the industry average is 861. The improvement from the previous years study is 2%, which might seem low, but it’s actually the highest improvement of any auto-maker in the study.

The final major news for Chrysler is that Total Car Score has named two of their vehicles in the Top 10 New Cars for 2013. The big winners were the 2013 Dodge Dart and the Ram 1500. They noted that the new Ram will be a major player in the large truck category from here on out. The Dodge Dart received praise based on their belief that it will help bring in a younger crowd to the dealers and win acclaim with the large amount of personalization options it has.

Definitely a good time for Chrysler as the good news just piles up. They have been doing everything they can to keep the good momentum continue and it really seems to be paying off. Who knows what “best of” they’ll be winning next.

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