Chrysler Invests in Engine Plants


Chrysler is planning on investing 1.2 billion dollars in their plants for commercial vans and engines.

According to an article on the Washington Post, Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler, announced the plan for a rather large investment into their plants in Saltillo, Mexico. The Van Assembly Plant costed Chrysler about 1.1 billion to build and has been making the Ram ProMaster van since July. With this large investment, the plant is expected to reach 1,100 employees by the end of the year.

That’s not the only plant getting more resources to work with. At the Saltillo North Engine Plant, Chrysler will spend 164 million for additional workers on a new production line. This will be used for production of the Chrysler Tigershark four-cylinder engine starting early next year. The engine is currently being used in the Dodge Dart and the Jeep Cherokee.

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Chrysler Adds More Jobs for Increase in Truck Sales

Chrysler will be adding more jobs at a Ram pickup plant outside of Detroit. Thanks to a predicted upswing in sales due to the housing market seeing a rebound, Chrysler is anticipating truck sales to encounter a surge in sales.

Not too long ago, this story would’ve seemed like fantasy with both the housing market in the tank and the auto industry in a fast downward spiral. Chrysler has been turning it around, adding more and more jobs to Detroit. This will add 1,000 new jobs with the addition of a third shift to meet the rising demand. Another 250 jobs are planned to be added later down the road in 2014 at a Detroit engine plant.

Home construction is going through the best pace it’s had in four years. September was a huge victory for a business that’s been suffering for so long. Housing and truck purchasing have always had a symbiotic relationship. Another reason Chrysler is predicting a bump up in truck sales is due to the fact that the average truck is now 10 years old. Time to get into a new truck with that kind of age.

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Chrysler Brings New Jobs to Detroit

Detroit has been making its come-back, slowly but surely. Evidence to this is in the happenings in the auto industry, having their best year in a long time. It wasn’t too long ago that the sales that have been happening would’ve been more fantasy than reality. Chrysler in particular has been making sure that as the sales continue to come back to the company, so are the employees. Numerous plants across the nation are seeing new workers and additional shifts to keep up with the new demand being placed on them. From making more of award-winning Jeeps to the production of the hottest new sedan, the 2013 Dodge Dart. Chrysler isn’t done there, they just welcome a new batch of employees into their house.

ABC 12 is reporting that Chrysler has opened up their new Chrysler Group LLC Great Lakes Business Center building and is bringing in the staffing. They leased about 33,000 square feet of space on the top two floors of the 23 story former Dime Building. The signs have already put been into place on the outside of the building and the floors have been completely refurbished to accommodate the new staff. The space will house 70 employees from the Business Center.

“We’re proud to contribute to the continuing transformation of the Motor City,” said Reid Bigland, President and CEO of Dodge Brand and Head of US Sales, Chrysler Group. “I am thrilled that one of my teams will be embedded in the city that means so much to our company. Detroit is the home of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, SRT Viper, and a very critical part of Chrysler’s team.”

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