Chrysler Invests in Engine Plants


Chrysler is planning on investing 1.2 billion dollars in their plants for commercial vans and engines.

According to an article on the Washington Post, Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Chrysler, announced the plan for a rather large investment into their plants in Saltillo, Mexico. The Van Assembly Plant costed Chrysler about 1.1 billion to build and has been making the Ram ProMaster van since July. With this large investment, the plant is expected to reach 1,100 employees by the end of the year.

That’s not the only plant getting more resources to work with. At the Saltillo North Engine Plant, Chrysler will spend 164 million for additional workers on a new production line. This will be used for production of the Chrysler Tigershark four-cylinder engine starting early next year. The engine is currently being used in the Dodge Dart and the Jeep Cherokee.

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Chrysler Invests $52 Million In Michigan Plants

Dodge Dart - 01The news coming out of Michigan has been bleak of late. The looming bankruptcy and the freefall the state has been in for years have been headline news for so long. That’s why it’s such a refreshing moment to see the opposite of that, some good news about a company investing into the Michigan economy.

That company is Chrysler and that investment is $52 million into two of their plants in Michigan. The reason is to meet the increase of demand being placed on their four-cylinder engines.

The engine is the Tigershark, the one currently being used in the Dodge Dart and will probably be used in upcoming Chrysler vehicles.

$40.5 million goes to the factory in Dundee to convert the assembly line to make it capable of producing cranks, heads, and engine blocks for the Tigershark engine.

The rest of the money, the $11.5 remaining of the total sum, is for the Trenton North plant and will increase the plants workforce by 298 jobs. This new influx of workers will make increased production possible.

The Dart has been picking up popularity since it was first unveiled last summer. Chrysler seems to be getting ready for not only more and more Darts to be wanted by the driving public, but also for the engine to see use in many of their upcoming catalouge. One step closer to seeing what they have planned.

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