Chrysler’s ‘Farmer’ Ad Helps Spur Ram Sales

640445561001_2135167109001_Ram-Farmer-914One of the biggest winners in terms of popularity from the Superbowl commercials was Chrysler.  Their ad campaigns have been notorious of late with quality.  One in particular, the Ram “Farmer” ad was incredibly successful.  It’s hard to gauge the effectiveness of an ad based solely on people’s response, however.  Ads are created to sell product and if all they are doing is getting likes on Facebook, then they are failing their original purpose.  So how do we truly find if the Farmer ad was a success?  February’s sales numbers have just done that work for us.

The San Francisco Chronicle shows that Ram’s sales increased in the previous month.  The figures are up 3 percent from the previous year and it’s the best February sales in six years.

Ram has been working very hard of late to be seen as the working man’s truck.  Recently, they’ve been promoting their “Ram Jam” country music concert.  The ad targeted the blue-collars out in the country who need to relay on dependable and heavy-duty machinery.  That was the message that ad presented, and with a few exceptions, was greeted with a positive response.

Stacy Finz, the writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, interviewed Greg Stern, CEO and co-founder of BSSP, an advertising firm, about the ‘Farmer” ad that Chrysler put together.  His thoughts on the commercial were, “It was a great spot.  Who doesn’t respect and root for farmers.”

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