New Chrysler Town & Country Possibly Caught on Spy Photos

Chrysler Town and Country Next Generation Spied

The Chrysler 200 has a new face and the 2015 Chrysler 300 is a the final look before it gets an update, leaving only one vehicle in family left to get something new.  The five-year plan that Chrysler laid out shows that the Town & Country will be getting a revamp in its next release, but they have not released any information or pictures on how it will look. One intrepid photographer may have found the new design roaming the wild.

The photos popped up on Motor Trend and like all the prototypes caught on film, it is heavily camouflaged under black tarps.  That can only hide so much, but one thing that is obvious from the pictures is that the minivan will be getting a new look.

That is if it is indeed the Town & Country.  It is possible that it could be a whole new-vehicle, as Motor Trend theorizes.  It could be an all-new seven-passenger crossover that Chrysler is planning to put out to compete against Chevy and Toyota.

Who knows what it could be.  Is it a glimpse into what the next minivan in the Chrysler line-up will look like or is it an all-new vehicle all together?  No word on when Chrysler is planning on lifting that curtain for a first-look at the new Town & Country but I can’t wait to see what comes out of Chrysler engineers next if I’m using the 200 and the Jeep Cherokee as any example to go by.

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Chrysler Confirms New Midsize Car in the Works

exterior_14Change is in the air for Chrysler.  Executives with the company confirmed the auto maker is adding a mysterious new midsize car to their line-up before the first quarter of the upcoming year.

This all came to light while executives were showing off the factory at Sterling Heights, Michigan.  Currently, the 200 and Avenger are built in the plant.  The remark came while reporters were on a tour of the new paint shop.

The two vehicles on the chop block that Chrysler is looking to replace are its own 200 and the Dodge Avenger.  Both vehicles are having a tough time against the competition, in particular the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord.

The details as to what to expect on the new car are minimal.  It’s assumed at this point that Fiat will be an influence seeing as how the Italian automaker has already made an impact on the majority of new vehicles coming from Chrysler.  The last update on the current midsize cars were three years ago.  In fact, the design is the oldest in the midsize category.

The plant itself that this will all occur at has something of a miracle history.  It’s been slated to close multiple times, but somehow always manages to keep its head above water.  Now, Chrysler has invested a large sum of money to expand on the paint shop that will allow it to paint any Chrysler or Fiat vehicle, the large trucks and commercial vans included.  On top of that, another $165 million will be invested into a new body shop.

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